Tummy Tuck Surgery


Published: 12/12/2011


A tummy tuck, is one of the plastic surgery body enhancing surgeries that both men and women have been seeking to have performed for many, many years. Its popularity among the sexes remains true, however the techniques and surgical technologies have changed over the years. Patients now have better and more options available to them. Below is a brief overview of what you should know about abdominoplasty before considering if this surgery is right for you.


 A tummy tuck is considered a major surgical procedure in which a patient is placed under general anesthesia. During the surgical procedure, the plastic surgeon extricates unwanted belly fat deposits, surgically tightens abdominal muscles and excises excess skin to restore the belly to a more natural and healthy appearance. A tummy tuck achieves a more desired cosmetic and physical outcome.


Who Qualifies as a Candidate?


Today there are certain criteria that both men and women must meet to be a proper candidate for this type of cosmetic plastic surgery. For those who do not meet the criteria set for a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty surgery, there are other options and treatment plans available. Your board-certified and licensed plastic surgeon will go over the alternative options with you in order to determine the proper treatment plan and the optimal plastic surgery that is right for you.


Although it is both men and women who seek to have a tummy tuck performed, often for different reasons, the outcome they are seeking is usually the same. Your board-certified and licensed plastic surgeon will evaluate the elasticity of your skin, the laxity of the muscles there, the amount of excess belly fat, and the degree of stretch marks you may have in determining if you are a candidate for a tummy tuck. There is a possibility that an alternative treatment plan is more appropriate for you. Remember, as would be required for any surgery, you will need to be in good physical health and be in general good physical shape to qualify as an abdominoplasty candidate.


The Risks Involved

Abdominoplasty is no different than any other type of surgery one may need to have performed. There are very important pre-operative and post-operative instructions that your board-certified and licensed plastic surgeon will discuss with you, as well as the associated risks that can occur during and after having this type of surgery.


Recovery From Your Surgery

In general, the expected recovery time from a tummy tuck is between one to three weeks, depending on the extent of your tummy tuck and your own healing abilities. Once again the importance of following your plastic surgeons pre- and post-operative instructions will be a strong factor in how long it will take you to recover from your abdominoplasty surgery. It is very important to follow your plastic surgeons advice to the letter in order to reduce your risk of postoperative complications and not to prolong your recovery time from surgery. Your doctor will discuss exactly what you can expect to experience after the surgery based on the type of procedure you have done. The doctor will also discuss in detail what the realistic goals are that can be achieved by your tummy tuck surgery.